Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Devon Townsend

Journalist. Host of 'The 411 Podcast'. Future HBCU Grad. Batman's little brother.

Say ‘Yeah!’ Usher announces Las Vegas residency in 2021

Can you say Legends ONLY?! The eight-time Grammy Award winning artist, Usher, announced this past Friday that he will be headlining a Las Vegas...

Lead on with Oprah, Bill Gates & President Bill Clinton in New Book ‘How to Lead’

David Rubentstein interviews the worlds' most richest and notarized figures in his newly released book. Looking to reinvigorate your leading skills? Well, get comfortable into...

Chadwick Boseman’s shocking death sparks life back into his legacy

Since the announcement of his death this past Friday, friends and fans honor the late 'Black Panther' with words of heroism, dignity, and nostalgic...
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