How GoodBuzz Generates Donations for Your Charities

Sometimes you have to describe something a few times to get the explanation clear 😉 In this clip, Giving Forward and GoodBuzz founder Kevin Lee is interviewed by Payton May, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2020/21.


Check out Perez Hilton’s explanation of how GoodBuzz donates to nonprofits you and the content creators select.

It’s easy!

Your eyeballs (your attention) is worth money to sponsors. You enjoy content from your favorite stars. Both you and your favorite stars get to pick a charity from our list. The stars select their nonprofit when we set up their account.

The more content which gets consumed, the more advertising revenue we collect from sponsors and advertisers. We donate 50% or more to the two nonprofits (your choice if you register, and the contributor’s choice) using a points system:

  1. The nonprofit the contributor/star selected 25%
  2. The nonprofit you selected (if you register) 25%

Here’s the first pitch by the founder of Giving Forward and Good Buzz, Kevin Lee.

Each of the two nonprofits selected gets 6-points as a result of the page-view or video-view. If, as the consumer, you don’t register but arrived at GoodBuzz from a social media share, the nonprofit the sharing party picked gets the points. That is GREAT because when you share after registering, your selected nonprofit gets more points when your friends click on your share. Of course, your friends can choose to register with Giving Forward and select their own cause… and so on… and so on…

When you are registered and you share content on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, your chosen nonprofit is included in the link. That way when your friends and family arrive at GoodBuzz, unless they already registered, they’ll be supporting your chosen nonprofit until they register. So sharing great content is great for your nonprofit.