Giving Forward General Fund

Giving Forward is in the cause marketing powered content business, and distributes 50% of its net ad revenue to other nonprofits. Nonprofits are selected by consumers and content contributors. Giving Forward then uses a points system to count the votes of the consumers and content contributors to guide our donations (the 50% of net ad revenue). Contributors and consumers both get 6-points per pageview, advertising event or video-view.

Some visitors to the site do not select an outside cause ad therefore our points-based system attributes those unclaimed points to a “General Fund.”

There may be situations where content is created by GoodBuzz/Giving Forward and we set the contributor’s choice to the general fund in order to grow that balance from the creator’s points side.

The Giving Forward team decides how, where, and when to deploy the dollar value represented by those accumulated points. Most often we anticipate using donations represented by those points as an investment into future relationships. We seek relationships or opportunities which will generate further growth of Giving Forward AND deliver immediate social impact simultaneously.

Here are several examples of how Giving Forward may use donation balances in the general fund:

  • We might reach out to a music celebrity and promise a donation to their favorite nonprofit if they:
    • Do a charity benefit concert that will generate even MORE revenue for that cause and other causes (our virtual events support multiple causes at the same time).
    • do a ticket-based meet and greet private event in exchange for a donation to their favorite cause (the event then generate even more donation revenue)
  • We may reach out to a celebrity of any kind and:
    • Ask them to join the GoodBuz platform and commit to creating great content regularly in exchange for an upfront donation to their favorite cause
    • In exchange for a donation to their chosen cause, we ask them to donate a special experience we can then auction or sweeps off to generate additional revenue for that cause. We might hold the auction or sweeps ourselves or use OMAZE, PRIZEO or CHARITYBUZZ.
  • Donate the revenue to a nonprofit in exchange for:
    • Access to a gala event where we can create content that will generate revenue on GoodBuzz for that nonprofit
    • Access to and a bit of pressure on a VIP to generate content or do a concert (see above)
  • Sometimes we’ll make a donation to a nonprofit we like without any fancy plan to further multiply impact.