Contribute Content

Good Buzz contribution is by invitation only. While we launched with a few posts by internal team members, the vision for Good Buzz is a platform where influencers, celebrities, musicians, athletes, writers, pundits, VIPs and thought leaders can contribute content AND help promote that content.

In order for Good Buzz to generate millions in donation revenue for the nonprofits that the readers/viewers pick and the contributors select, we need the eyeballs of the readers.

We are open to reviewing your application for participation.

Please email [email protected] and include why you feel you would be a great contributor.

  • What content have you created in the past?
  • Who can you interview?
  • What is your social media footprint?
  • What is your favorite nonprofit and why?

If you’ve been in touch with the GoodBuzz team, are approved or expect to be approved as a content creator, and would like details, click here!