Content Contribution Guidelines

If you are reading this you either navigated here (congrats) or you have been invited to be a content contributor to GoodBuzz, generating visits/views that will convert to donations to your selected nonprofit. Make sure you let your contact at Giving Forward / Good Buzz know your chosen nonprofit.

Before we go into specific content guidelines, the most important thing about content is that it is some combination of as many of the following as makes sense: fun, engaging, informative, educational, and share-worthy. The most common post will be video, but written work or an audio submission is possible. Because video is by far the most common, let’s focus there. The length of the video clip we put on GoodBuzz will generally be under 5-minutes, and if you produce a longer interview or content, we will often put it on the Giving Forward YouTube channel in the GoodBuzz playlist and link to it from the post. You can create the following types of videos (listed in approximate order of preference):

  1. Interviews: One on One is the most popular, but multi-person interviews are also great because they can take the form of discussion.
  2. VLOG: POV, Comedy/Fun and Commentary/Reaction
  3. How To:
  4. Gaming Video
  5. Performances: Skit / Music

The key to all of these is that the best of the content is entertaining. Tips specific to interviews are here. The interviewee’s guidelines and FAQ are here.