PSA Banners

Hey Publishers, Exchanges, and Brand Safety Ad-Tech providers!! Your TRASH is our treasure.

We want your “garbage” “leftover” and brand-unsafe banner impressions. We’ll convert clicks from those ad-slots into revenue for your top nonprofits. If you’ve got any unsold, brand-safety blocked IAB inventory or any other sources of clicks that you can donate to Giving Forward (the nonprofit that runs Good Buzz), we’ll put the resulting human traffic to good use, monetizing it and donating 50-75% of the revenue to other nonprofits (we keep the rest to allow us to operate a publishing platform which turns your unsold inventory into social good).

It’s an easy way to do good.

We desire inventory from any ad-tech players:

  1. Publishers: We’ll take banner ads on whatever you’ve got (even adult pages):
    1. Priority 14 in GAM or above / passbacks
    2. Custom ad slots: Our IAB size banners are lightweight flat JPEGs. PNGs and GIFs.
    3. Penny PMPs. Can we grab your unsold inventory before it falls to the RTB floor with a penny PMP? If we can afford to pay you the penny we will (if there are enough humans in the traffic for us to monetize).
  2. Exchanges: have inventory that you haven’t sold and publishers don’t want the passback?
  3. Brand Safety Vendors: Impression is brand-unsafe or fraudulent? Donate that wasted impression currently filled with clouds or wallpaper to Giving Forward’s GoodBuzz.
  4. Agencies: What are you doing with your brand-unsafe blocked impressions? Running any brand-lift studies and need a “control group” of impressions? Can you convince publishers to toss in some donated charity impressions with your buy?

We let you, the donor of the impression/click, pick the nonprofit we monetize on your behalf. Let us know which nonprofit you want and if they are on our list of 50+ causes we’ll give you their “handle” to embed within the utm_term= for example, utm_term=aspca Nonprofit List

Call Kevin @GivingForward at 212-678-2541 if you have any questions or want the list of nonprofits we donate to.

Ready to go? BANNER/LANDING PAGE OPTIONS: click one of the options below to go to the page to find the creatives in a variety of sizes

  1. Celebs and their pets
  2. FBI Corona Scam Warnings
  3. Wear a Mask
  4. Generic, link to Prez Hilton Promo