About GoodBuzz & Giving Forward

GoodBuzz is part of Giving Forward, Inc a nonprofit (501c3). Our mission is to generate revenue through advertising and sponsorship against content and run events that generate revenue so that we can then donate 50% or more of the revenue to the nonprofits you (the consumer) and the content creators select.

This is how Perez Hilton describes it:

Celebrities, influencers and VIPs across Hollywood, Sports, Music, Social Media, Business and Politics create most of the content for you.

The stars already picked their nonprofit and you can see it next to their name in every post. You pick your nonprofit when you register and can change it any time.

The more content consumption, the more advertising revenue we collect from sponsors and advertisers. We donate 50%+ of the revenue using a points system:

  1. The nonprofit the contributor/star selected 25%+
  2. The nonprofit you selected (if you register) 25%+

Each selected nonprofit gets 6-points as a result of the page-view or video-view. If, as the consumer, you don’t register but arrived at GoodBuzz from a social media share, the nonprofit the sharing party picked gets the points. That is GREAT because when you share after registering, your selected nonprofit gets more points when your friends click on your share. Of course, your friends can choose to register with Giving Forward and select their own cause… and so on… and so on…

Here’s why the Giving Forward founder, Kevin Lee thinks this could get BIG!

When you are registered and you share content on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, your chosen nonprofit is included in the link. That way when your friends and family arrive at GoodBuzz, unless they already registered, they’ll be supporting your chosen nonprofit until they register. So sharing great content is great for your nonprofit.

When we run virtual events (concerts, comedy events, webinars, courses, networking events, etc.), we let you pick which nonprofit gets 50% or more of the ticket price. Sometimes tickets are free for customers of sponsors or if you opt-in to the sponsor’s email newsletter. It’s all for great causes.