Friday, January 27, 2023

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Kevin Lee

Co-Founder Didit a marketing/tech firm, CEO of eMarketing Association & Founder cause marketing nonprofit. I invent marketing platforms & launched We-Care ($8+ million for nonprofits via cause-marketing) 4 books, 500+speaking engagements, & 700+ articles. Yale MBA - live in Scarsdale with family.

Giving Forward Supports Your Nonprofits With Grants, Including a Sweepstakes

Giving Forward is a USA based nonprofit (501c3) that supports other nonprofits with revenue we get via advertising, sponsorships, events, and from your donations...

Nonprofit Has Surprising Record Year In Midst Of COVID

Nonprofit One Tree Planted's Diana Chaplin shares with Kevin Lee, GoodBuzz Co-founder, on the suprising thing that happened to their organization's fundraising efforts when...

The Curvy Chic Closet Foundation Surprised Everyone With Registrations for the Happy Go Luckii Benefit

The Curvy Chic Closet Foundation has a noble mission of empowering and inspiring plus-size individuals to be their best selves through addressing how to...

Liz Starke, Rose Haven Interview Follow-up Happy Go Luckii Benefit

As the Founder of Giving Forward and Didit, I was in a position to encourage Luckii to sponsor a free event. We demonstrated that...

David Henrie Likes GoodBuzz, will play Regan

David was kind enough to do a quick Cameo for GoodBuzz. We hope to have him back as a contributor. Perhaps we can organize...
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