Giving Forward Supports Your Nonprofits With Grants, Including a Sweepstakes

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Giving Forward is a USA based nonprofit (501c3) that supports other nonprofits with revenue we get via advertising, sponsorships, events, and from your donations via our philanthropic sweepstakes SweepsForACause.

Unless you have an ad-blocker turned on you’ll be seeing ads surrounding this post and ahead of the videos below. That’s one way your clicks turn into donations.

You may also see links in our content to products (rarely) leading to Amazon or other places where Giving Forward gets commission if you make a purchase.

Ad revenue and donation revenue is shared with grantees you pick or the content creator selects (in the case of our content)

It takes a lot of page-views and video-views to generate thousands, so we run SweepsForACause to add gamification to donation. Emma suggests Special Olympics, you get to choose. Enter for a chance to win.


And now, our cheesy videos!


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