The Twins & Alicia Keys – She’s no Robot


The Twins have a YouTube channel and have been refining their formula for building followers. In case you haven’t seen them, TwinsthenewTrend (Tim and Fred Williams) decided it would be fun to record their first impressions (REACTION) listening to artists they had yet to experience. Their take on “FIRST TIME HEARING Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight” garnered 6.4 million views as of this date. Are their reactions authentic? Only Tim and Fred know for sure, but they are clearly having fun with it. And that fun is turning into a bit of fame and a bit of cash.

More recently they have been getting the attention of the stars as they provide their tardy feedback (most songs are a few years old). I’m not sure which of the twins called Alicia Keys a “robot” but it’s fun that Alicia assured them that she isn’t.

Tim and Fred Williams experience Alicia for the first time

The twins have thousands of back catalog songs to work their way through. It’s a new form of music appreciation. I’ll have to figure out which one is Tim and which one is Fred.

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