Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Free $ for Nonprofits – How GoodBuzz Works. Kevin Lee Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Lee, the Founder and President of Giving Forward, the nonprofit that runs GoodBuzz. I had no idea that previous to launching GoodBuzz, Kevin had raised over $8 million for nonprofits at no cost to consumers using cause marketing powered shopping on a platform called We-Care.

Now he’s launched GoodBuzz under Giving Forward, a 501c3 and has aspirations to raise millions for nonprofits using advertising revenue (like Instagram) and by running multi-nonprofit virtual events.

The full interview is on YouTube.

Here’s Perez Hilton explaining how GoodBuzz makes $ for nonprofits.

And Giving Forward / GoodBuzz’s Founder Kevin Lee’s longer more boring explanation.

- GivingFoward Charity: Miss America FoundationCharity logo

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