Nonprofit Promo eMail Sample

Need a laugh? Want to help us at the same time? Sign up for this virtual FREE comedy benefit event on Friday, February 12th. Thanks to a generous sponsor, Giving Forward (another nonprofit) is giving away $10K to nonprofits who share the event with their supporters.

We don’t know if a free registration will be worth $5 or $20 (or more), because it depends how many folks register. Regardless, have a fun evening of free comedy with free prizes including merch from the Timbers and Thorns. is the general link, but our link gets us “votes” we need.

Our link is: giving at givingforward dot org for your link) The charity= is usually the middle part of your domain (before the .org) But the list we got is incomplete, and we didn’t upload all the logos yet, so email us…

P.S. We heard from another nonprofit that for events, people tend to procrastinate, so promoting this on Thursday or Friday for the Friday evening event might be best.