Luckii Benefit How it Works

Live audience tickets are FREE when you agree to share your email address with our sponsor, Luckii. You can unsubscribe at any time. The cause that was specified in your landing page will get its share of $10,000 (pro-rata based on how many registrants arrive from each nonprofit cause). It’s a democratic way for Giving Forward and GoodBuzz to distribute the $10,000.

Don’t want to share your email with Luckii? NP, just pay $5 for the “live audience” tickets or upgrade to the VIP tickets for $15. For both paid tickets, Giving Forward will distribute 50% (half) of your donation to the cause that sent you to the landing page; – the remainder stays with Giving Forward (a 501c3 nonprofit) to help us cover our costs.

The more registrants there are who vote for a specific nonprofit the greater that nonprofit’s share of the $10,000 general pool will be. Nonprofits will receive a pro-rata donation based on the registrants who selected each nonprofit.