Luckii Benefit For Nonprofits

GoodBuzz is a website operated by Giving Forward, a 501c3 whose mission is to generate revenue for other nonprofits through cause marketing powered content and cause marketing powered events.

For the Luckii-sponsored event, we are supporting Oregon nonprofits at our sponsor’s request. $10,000 is in the general pool and will be distributed at the conclusion of the event based on the pro-rata percentage of registrants who opt-in to Luckii’s email list (which also gives them access to the “live audience” Zoom event at no cost.)

Any Oregon-based 501c3 or a 501c3 with an Oregon footprint can participate. The more registrants there are who register as a result of having been sent to the registration page specifying a specific nonprofit the greater that nonprofit’s share of the $10,000 general pool will be.

Nonprofits will receive a pro-rata donation amount based on the registrations that originated from one of their links.

Attendees who prefer not to opt-in to Luckii’s list can pay $5 for the Zoom tickets (making them eligible for giveaways and interaction with the comics). Any attendee can upgrade to the VIP after-party for $15. Any ticket sales revenue will be shared with the nonprofit ID specified in the landing page URL. (the marketing links are provided to nonprofits who would like to participate to earn revenue from some ticket sales and get a slice of the $10,000 general pool.)

An inbound landing page URL includes the charity ID for any charity we’ve added to our platform. For example, would be the URL if a business Harry and David selected the Oregon Ballet Theatre when they marketed the event to their customers (who may appreciate the free event). While the referrer field for the business isn’t necessary, it helps us understand who is helping out each nonprofit. We’ll be asking businesses to donate some stuff for the MC to give away, providing good PR for the businesses while those businesses share the event with their customers and benefit the nonprofit of their choice (from our list of Oregon nonprofits).

To be added as a participating nonprofit, please email giving at givingforward dot org. We will provide a link to share with your supporters or for businesses which would like to promote you as the nonprofit when they share the free event to their customers.