David Henrie Likes GoodBuzz, will play Regan


David was kind enough to do a quick Cameo for GoodBuzz. We hope to have him back as a contributor. Perhaps we can organize an interview between him and one of hos favorite actors. He lists Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, James Dean, Sean Penn, and Russell Crowe. Or we can go to his favorite comedia actors: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Chris Tucker, or Jack Black.

Many of those actors are philanthropic so perhaps they’ll donate their Cachet to GoodBuzz where we turn Cachet into Cash for nonprofits the celebs and the fans select, just by posting their content.

For example, this post is generating donations to the ASPCA as the creator’s choice and if you register as a reader/viewer, you get to vote on your choice to get donations as well. (see the top-bar).

We can’t wait till the movie Regan is released with David playing “young Regan.” Should be cool.

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