Benefit For Businesses

As a business, you can participate (and help your favorite nonprofits at the same time at no cash cost to you) in any combination of the following three ways:

  1. Provide giveaway products, services, or gift cards (subject to our approval) which will be given away to Zoom attendees by the MC during the event. If you donate something for us to give away you will:
    1. be recognized on this page:
    2. mentioned by the MC during the event as he gives the donation away
    3. included in a thank you email follow-up to attendees
  2. Promote the event to your customers. Because we track the nonprofit cause selected by folks sending over registrants, you’ll be helping your chosen cause get ticket donation revenue (50%).

An inbound landing page URL includes the charity ID for any charity we’ve added to our platform. If you would like to support a local nonprofit, please email giving at givingforward dot org and mention the nonprofit you want to support. If they are on our list, we will send you the custom URL to use in your social media, blog and email. If they are worthy of adding to the list and you are looking to make them the selected cause, we will add them up to 2 days before the event.

P.S. if you would like to sponsor your own event supporting national or local nonprofits you can also email us. giving at givingforward dot org