Girl Power


This past weekend was full of great football games on the professional and college level but nothing tops what Sarah Fuller did. She made history being the first woman to play football for a Power 5 conference team, the most popular college athletic conferences. She is a two sport division one athlete, she is not just a football player she is a soccer player at Vanderbilt University as well. This past fall she started her first game as goalie, then later that season her three save performance helped her team to win the SEC Tournament Championship on October 11th, their first championship since 1994. More than a month later she got a call from the Vanderbilt football head coach tryout as the kicker for the team. She killed in the tryout and got to suit up for this weekends game against Missouri. She was called upon once for the kickoff were she performed a squib kick to prevent a return from Missouri. Although they lost the game 41-0 she did her part and everyone who was watching cannot wait for her next performance. She is a symbol for girl power and inspiration to all girls who want to play sports that goes against gender norms. Her helmet she wore during the game had a sticker on the back that said “Play Like a Girl” which is a nonprofit organization that works to help girls and encourages them to participate in sports as well as in the work place. Their catch phrase from their website is Play Like a Girl is a 501(c)3 charitable organization inspiring girls through sport and active play. What started with one woman in 2004 is now a national movement. Today, we’re leveling the playing field by leveraging the transferable skills girls gain from sport to give them a competitive edge in the classroom and propel young women into competitive, male-dominated careers in STEM.” She is an inspiration to all girls out their and before the game the the Missouri Head Coach came up to her to tell her how good this was for the game of football and how his four daughters love her. It just shows the power of one and how she is being idolized by so many girls out in the world.

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