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From Vlog Squad To The Music Scene

Zane from the Vlog Squad gets a feature on the new Drake Video

Vlog Squad member and Popular Youtube Vlogger; Zane Hijazi is making big moves in the new DJ Khaled and Drake music video! Fans of the Vlog Squad have seen Zane develop from a small collaborator on David Dobrik’s channel to a strong contributor to the vlogging world/influencer world. Fans are just excited as Zane with his guest appearance.

Fans happily noticed he was noted as talent in the videos end credit and couldn’t resist light teasing. Fan’s were excited to hear from him after the short filming hiatus where the Vlog Squad has pledged not to shoot group videos in light of COVID Sensitivities. Fans can even catch a peep at Zane’s blue Lamborghini Urus in the background. The Urus was a birthday present from bestfriend and Vlog Squad Castmate Heath Hussar.

Zane’s career seems to be taking off as he moves from Youtube and Vlogging to podcasts and acting. His new podcast with Vlog Squad member Heath just hit 65 episodes, and it comes out every Friday. Although the Vlog Squad has not hinted at a seperation its exciting to see the members explore new bussiness venues, and fans are eager to support each creator individualy.

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