200% Match Offer (For nonprofits or their supporters)

Hey nonprofits (or avid supporters of nonprofits).

We think supporters should get a free event. And GoodBuzz is producing two free afterparties with the World Happiness Fest, Comedy on Thursday March 18th, and Music on the 20th (United Nations World Happiness Day)

While the event is free, there is the option to donate. For selected nonprofits we’ll pay out the donation at 90% (after we are sure its not fraudulent). Other nonprofits who send in registrants get a 50% payout.

Plus, for our selected scrappy nonprofits and their supporters, the nonprofit goes on our list to get a 200% MATCH! That’s 200% against optional donations from the free event.

Not a nonprofit, but an influencer, publisher or brand? Let us know who you are looking to support. If we agree. They are in.

Even for the nonprofits where we match the donations after the fact, it’s not an unlimited match so that certain nonprofits don’t abuse it. We don’t want folks donating thousands of dollars per-ticket (even though the tickets accept any price – Zero or more). Nonprofits could come in that way, building a large “bank” of matching funds.

When it’s time to distribute from our general fund, up to 50% of the general fund may be used towards the matching program, and all nonprofits participating on the matching program will get dollar for dollar equal matches (therefore the larger matches will take longer to pay out).

The current event URL is here: https://goodbuzz.org/whf/ But we give out custom URLs to nonprofits or supporters of the nonprofits who are part of the 200% match offer.

For example, here’s the link for the ASPCA’s supporters: https://goodbuzz.org/whf/?charity=aspca

And here’s a small charity in Oregon supporting positive body images for women: https://goodbuzz.org/whf/?charity=ccc

We track all ticket registrations, free or ones with an optional donation.

Where does the general fund come from? It comes from the majority of visitor who arrive at GoodBuzz.org or other Giving Forward powered websites without picking a nonprofit cause. The points we use to allocate over 50% of of our ad revenue which would normally go to the content consumer’s choice go into our general fund which we pay out to nonprofits based on our current strategies. One of those strategies is the 200% match program.

To make the match program fair, we reserve the right to only distribute half of our general fund to the matching-eligible nonprofits. And so that the big nonprofits don’t hog the cash flow, we’ll allocate across nonprofits equally till the matches are paid off. That means a nonprofit with a $500 match credit gets one dollar of match at the same time a nonprofit with a $10,000 match credit gets one dollar. Obviously, we’ll pay off the smaller matches early, leaving more for the larger matches.

If we feel certain nonprofits are abusing this program, we reserve the right to modify the terms, but we hope that doesn’t happen. We love giving away $$ to other nonprofits.